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    Businesses can’t afford to stop, so we designed RecurrNET to give you peace of mind that comes with minimal network downtime in the event of a hardware failure. In fact, we guarantee that our response time will be faster than any other OEM TAC to get you back up and running in no time because we understand that lost time is lost money.

    Our third-party maintenance service is a perfect fit for clients that are primarily concerned with protecting their network from hardware failures. It is also our answer to costly and less effective maintenance contracts offered by the manufacturer.

    *Please note we do not offer software support, upgrades, or updates.

    Our RecurrNet hardware maintenance plan

    Try and find a better hardware maintenance solution. You can't.

    When you work with Recurrent, we view our relationship with you as an ongoing commitment to keep your IT doing exactly what it needs to do. Today, tomorrow, and on into the future. Your network is in good hands with Recurrent as your maintenance provider. You have our word on it. Please call one of our support specialists for further information or submit the form Below to find out more.