Keeping networks singing in tune since 1996

(And giving our clients something to sing about too!)

Our mission is rooted in superior customer service - to sell and deliver reliable, refurbished hardware with no lead-times at substantial discounts.

Service that should be music to your ears

At Recurrent, we take pride in helping our clients extend their IT budgets and keeping their networks in tune.

We are a full service vendor that will maintain and support your hardware for less and help turn your unused assets into working capital when you choose to sell your network equipment to us.

But our dedication to our clients success does not stop there.  We want you to sing our praises too. That's the real music to our ears, but that only happens when we do our job and do it well. Happy networks equals happy customers. That's our goal, and that's why we do what we do.

“Recurrent is always looking out to help us save money!  We were quoted brand new switches from another vendor and Jason at Recurrent was able to recommend going with the previous model since we did not need the latest and greatest features.  We saved thousands and we got the switches in 4 days; not 4 weeks!”

-Manager of Worldwide Labs at High Tech Company

This tune never gets old

Recurrent has exceeded expectations as a trusted partner to thousands of organizations worldwide and to many familiar names here in the Silicon Valley.  From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, our customers trust us to provide them with a reliable refurbished solution.  In most cases, a previous generation product can offer the same level of performance as new but at a 40-75% savings.

Most of Recurrent’s clients are repeat customers who we have built a relationship with over many years, saving them time and money on their IT hardware needs.  

Call or email us.  You’ll save money. You'll save time. Your IT will hum. And the added benefit is those who depend on you and your equipment will be singing your praises too!

Now that's worth singing about, don't you think? 

"Recurrent is reliable, responsive, and the cost is great. They're always there to help when you need them. And that helps our customers too."

IT Professional

*Ok, after all the hype about new being unnecessary, we have to come clean...

One thing finally needed a brand new upgrade – our logo. What do you think?

(As you can see on our site, it hasn't fully decomposed yet, but eventually it will leave no trace.)

We've been perfecting the ways to keep your IT stay in tune since 1996


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